Understanding Our Costs

At Yorkshire & Stonebridge, we understand the importance of finding both excellent and affordable care for seniors. Here, excellent and affordable care is not only possible, but happens every day. Read on to learn how you can minimize costs and maximize quality care by choosing a Baruch senior living community.

The Nonprofit Difference

As a nonprofit organization, we are able to offer more affordable costs to seniors, and we reinvest our earnings to maintain and renovate our communities. This equals a higher standard of care for more affordable prices.

Income-Based Program

We believe that once a senior moves in to our community, they should never be asked to leave, regardless of financial circumstances. Through our income-based program, we can provide residents reduced rent based on their individual annual monthly income. This program is completely confidential, allows a resident to remain in his/her same room, and ensures them the same level of care as all of our residents.

Tax Deductions for Residents

Many residents and families of residents do not realize that much of what is paid for assisted living is tax deductible to the resident (or a family member if the resident is a dependent).  Such a statement is often a surprise to families considering assisted living services, and to many families already benefiting from such services.  While we are not tax professionals, we have consolidated information about deducting assisted living expenses. This information comes from IRS documents and it has been reviewed by our CPA firm.*

*You should contact your tax adviser to determine the applicability to your situation.